La Calesa...


n the quieter area of ​​the Paseo Marítimo of Fuengirola, we await you with our Fabada, the best quality in our meats and fish with an excellent professional service and an exquisite selection of wines.

We make gluten-free cuisine.

Celebrate your family or professional event, in a select environment with good value for money. In the stoves Juan Sánchez and Paqui Pino.


Juan Sánchez Martín, Was born in Malaga, on December 30, 1952. He began his education in 1959, until he obtained the School Graduation in 1984 and Assistant Technician of Hospitality three years later. A professional life since 1966, starting from Malaga to get a category as Master of the Kitchen.

For two years it was buttons in the "Peña Malaguista" from Malaga until 1969. Click on "La Cancela Restaurant", an icon of Malagueña gastronomy, later as a Kitchen Assistant. It continues with the same professional category in Malaga in the "Hotel Casa Curro", until the 70's, a decade in which it continues ascending inside the kitchens of the capital Malagueña, as the Restaurant Tormes. From here the jump to Torremolinos to work as a cook at the "Hotel Las Mercedes". Continuing on the Costa del Sol, he was Cook at the "Hotel Alay" in Benalmádena, Restaurant "Los Olimpos" in Fuengirola and "Hotel Marbella Hilton" in Marbella. After a year, he makes the Military Service in the Residence of Officers of Algeciras as Chef of Kitchen. Once this stage is over, he returns to the Hilton Hotel where he requests Excedencia for the inauguration of the "Katarina Playa Hotel" in Las Palomas Gran Canaria with the category of Head Start. Return to La Costa again to the Hilton with the Head Start category. This Hotel changes its name by calling itself "Hotel Don Carlos" where later it is promoted to Second Chef of Kitchen. From here he goes to work in the "Las Banderas Restaurant" in Las Chapas de Marbella, a restaurant listed in the Michelin Guide. From here, the "El Océano Restaurant" opens in Mijas-Costa as 2nd Chief and later as Chief of the same. In 1986 he participated in the 3rd Gastronomic Exhibition of La Costa del Sol in Torremolinos. In 1987 he opened his own business "El Mirador Restaurant" in Mijas-Costa where it ends in the 80's. From here he goes to that mythical "Murillo Restaurant" In Arrollo de la Miel where he organizes and participates in the 1st Week of the Malagueña Cuisine making participants to all the districts of Malaga in the event. From here it crosses the Atlantic to go to Quito Ecuador to do Spanish cuisine in the Festivals of Quito. When he returns, he begins to work in "El Higuerón Restaurant", in the 90's he participates in the Andalusian Cuisine Contest where he won in 1994. In 1995 he participated in the 1st National Gastronomy Contest in Madrid representing Andalusia. This year he is awarded the Medal and Cordon of the Club of La Buena Mesa Internacional in Quito - Ecuador. In 1996 Escoffíer's Disciple Band also in Ecuador. This same year, they recognize his work again by appointing him a member of The Chef's Table. In 1997 he participated in the 1st Andalusian Competition in San Roque (Cádiz), winning the 3rd prize. In 1998 He taught classes for Master Chef to Chefs and Teachers of Cuisine in the Schools of Hospitality of Havana and Ciego de Ávila in Cuba. The Ministry of Tourism of that Country appoints him Assistant Principal Professor of the Cloister at the School of Hospitality in Havana. As well as the recognition of the National Association of Cooks of Cuba. This same year he was appointed to represent Andalusia as a member of the National Jury for the IV National Gastronomy Contest at AdejeTenerife. Collaborated with the Andalusian Tourism Organization to prepare Andalusian Gastronomy at the Hotel Le Meridien Etoile in Paris-France. The Association of Chefs and Cooks of the Costa del Sol, awarded its demonstrated professionalism and dedication. From the El Higuerón Restaurant in Fuengirola he goes to take command as Chef of the kitchen of the "Hotel Alhaurín Golf", being here, he accompanies to his wife Francisca Pino to compete in the Cursal of San Sebastián in the Basque Country, in the National Contest of the Tortilla de Patatas in The Best of Gastronomy, representing Fuengirola being reflected in front of the local press its good performance, where they also participated in an event for young cooks Dani García of Marbella and José Carlos García of the Restaurant Café de Paris of Malaga. Among his teaching activities, he taught throughout Costa del Sol, Cooking Recycling Courses to Entrepreneurs and Restoration Professionals. In 2004 he was invited to the Certamen de Maestros Cocineros of the Province of Málaga for the Day of the Boquerón Victoriano in the Rincon de la Victoria - Málaga. In 2012 The Diputación de Málaga invites you to participate in the 1st Malagueña Popular Cooking Fair representing Fuengirola with its La Calesa Restaurant in the Bullring of Malaga, with the collaboration of Pepe Aragón, leaving the pavilion of Fuengirola to a high Gastronomic level . His last achievement in 2015 is that his Restaurant with which he has been since 2002 in Fuengirola. This year he has paid tribute to José Aragón, a well-wisher from Fuengirola who, with the dish that most identifies this town, delighted the attendants "Los Novios a Banda".

“Restaurant La Calesa”, Has at its door the recognition granted to the Quality of the Ministry of Tourism, the Junta de Andalucía and the Federation of Municipalities of Spain. An achievement that few Costa del Sol Restaurants have achieved.